Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ladies in Red - Burlesque at Cherry Cola's Rock n Rolla

This will be the first time EVER that Cherry Colas has hosted a burlesque show!

You may remember me mentioning the bar that my booty-dancing gogo self graces pretty much every Saturday. If not, check out my vlogs. It's a gorgeous bar, all red damask and black lacquer, and I tried to pick girls and music that would match the decor.

Then, of course, I had to have a flier that would do the same!* It's not easy putting together a flier that contains the hotness of my performers.

Obskyura can't be contained on the best of days, and we'll be seeing her do a jazzy number with her typical WTF flair.

Keela Watts will be seducing the crowd with her voice and her body. I have it on good authority she'll be poured into the dress she'll be coming out of.

Trixi Jones will be spicing up the night in the way only an Italian can. Mob guys beware, she comes armed.

Yours truly will be teaming up with Trixi for a rousing retailing of our jail break after a mob gig gone bad (it's not unheard of for the Italian and Irish mob to work together!). Following that, I'll be busting out a new routine.

We'll also be joined by such handsome men as Steve Winchester, who will be our emcee for the night. Will he stick things in his face? Will he light his eyebrows on fire? You really never know. Stay back from the mousetraps!

Le Barback, one of Les Coquettes Man Props TM, is generously on loan to us for the night as our heavy-lifter and heavy hitter. Ladies never travel without a man at hand.

Lastly, we will be featuring the debut burlesque performance of the mystery man, Izzy Ridged!
Never before seen in Toronto, Izzy will be wowing the crowd for his appropriate cherry popping at Cherry Cola's.

This is not a night to be missed, and I'm incredibly excited to be the producer of the debut burlesque show!

Join us on February 10th for $10! Doors at 8pm with the show slated to begin at 9!

~ Red Herring

*I wish someone out there would do a flier-design post (hrm, maybe I should?).

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