Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I'm Reading

Those who don't know me well may have no clue that when it comes to books, I tear through them at an alarming pace.

Alarming especially when their costs have been rising exponentially every year!* I can't curse this too much, because as a writer, I completely support the authors and realize just how much money a normal author (NOT J.K. Rowling) makes. On the other hand, me-of-limited-funds and a crack-like addiction to certain reads kind of needs my next fix like, yesterday.

The boy got my a Kindle for Christmas, and a gift card with which to feed my addiction. I had ten books downloaded within an hour, including the last book in a trilogy that I had JUST finished the second book of.

I also had a few preordered...which will be delivered instantly when they're released.

It's awesome. I blew through a new release I found in my book list in about 24hrs.

This makes me happy.

Expect some upcoming posts on what I'm reading, and what I think of it, and why you should probably read it too. Some books will be related to burlesque or pin-ups or that aspect of my life, but I tend to read a majority of books that are found in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi section of the book store.**

Take a peek coming soon (and check out my shamelessly promoted wishlist! Feel free to 'donate' to my 'cause')

~ Red Herring

*I remember when most books were $4.99!

** That's not to say they're Tolkein-esque stories of epic fantasy, or stereotypical Dragons! Elves! Dwarves! fantasy. Rarely do I read that anymore.

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