Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog Spotlight! - Fish nor Fowl by Freya West

Fish Nor Fowl - Freya West

Miss Freya West and I met one fateful night at the Toronto Burlesque Festival last year. This damsel in nodress was without a place to stay, and I (ever the knight in shining glitter) took her in and fed her egg sandwiches at midnight while discussing hanging participles and the quirks of freelance writing.

But look at her. Who wouldn't take her home?

Freya West, photos by Stephanie of La Photographie Nashville

She's gorgeous, with a hint of a Southern accent (which she can turn up high at will) and she's smart as hell.

We skype date. It's hot.

She has her own blog over at Fish Nor Fowl and is an experienced writer and editor whose text has graced the pages Huffington Post, Chicagoist, Examiner, and more.

Here's a tidbit snatched from her About page:
The foxy firebrand of the South, Freya West began her burlesque career as a student under the whipsmart talents of Michelle L’Amour. She studied for a year under the burlesque star before performing in the Studio L’Amour student showcase. Since then she has performed internationally, including main showcases at several burlesque festivals and was named a Rising Star at the 2010 Toronto Burlesque Festival. Freya has represented Dos Equis Most Interesting Show in the World, performed with Shiny Toy Guns, and continues to teach the art of the shimmy to Nashville’s elite. Freya is a member of Music City Burlesque. Freya writes about burlesque and other things on her website, Fish nor Fowl.
After heating up that stage, she heats up the classroom with Delinquent Debutantes as "Headmistress Freya West" where she teaches burlesque basics, advanced choreography, a twelve week performance class, and  workshops in tassel twirling, costuming, vintage make up and hair, and MORE.

Internet stalk her on FacebookTwitterExaminer or at her literary magazine The Paper Colony.

Oh...and she eats fire too.

~ Red Herring

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  1. You were definitely my knight-ess! And you were quite silvery after your act!

    Thanks for the gorgeous write-up gorgeous!


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