Monday, May 23, 2011

Holy Boobies Batman! - Poison Ivy Burlesque coming right up~!

Holy Boobies Batman! is an awesome title, I'm just going to say it.

I'll be performing a brand new, Poison Ivy inspired burlesque act at the Toronto Underground Cinema June 4th, with a bevy of wonderful boys and girls dressed up as Batman characters. Dressed up for a little while, anyway. 

Burlesque tends to have naked people. Naked super hero/super villain people. Yes, this is Batman burlesque.

It's kind of awesome.

Other performers will include...
Dolly Berlin (who some may remember seeing as the opening act to last year's Babes in Space as the sexy Darth Vader)
Sevvy Skellington
Lola Ebola
Betty Quirk
Dew Lily, from Boylesque TO. Way too hot to handle. Please bring sunglasses, as this sexy man will blind you.

If you're local, or pilgrimaging to see naked nerds, pick up some  advance tickets available at Borderline Plus ( 425 Queen St. W) and The Original ( 515 Queen St. W) so grab some before they sell out!

I have on good authority that there  geeky raffle with fantastic prizes! Plus a Bat bake sale & other Bat goodies. Costumes are highly encouraged!

~Red Herring

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