Saturday, November 26, 2011

Burlesque How To: How Do You Apply Pasties?

When dealing with newbies, right after "How do you spin them?" comes "How do you keep them on?"

Both of these are incredibly important questions, as the first thing aspiring tassel-twirlers want to do is just that: twirl! For details on how to get the spin down, take a look at my previous post, featuring Elvira!

For details on how to make them stick, read on!

There are many school of adhesive when it comes to putting on your boob-hats. Eyelash glue, double sided tape, spirit gum, and more! I personally use Spirit Gum to keep my pasties on, and have yet to lose one in the heat of performance, but others swear by their own methods.

For a great article by Black Mariah, check out Pincurl Magazine's The Tape Dilemma

Black Mariah, Photo by Travis Lilley

"I think the only real point that will never have one answer between burlesque dancers is “how do you keep your pasties on?” The answers will range from Flash tape, eyelash glue, spirit gum, toupee tape, and the list grows every year I spend in the world of burlesque." - Black Mariah

Take a hop over, and get stickin'!

Burlesque dancers, do you have a preferred method? Have you ever lost a pastie? Let me know in the comments!


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