Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pin-Up Modeling Tips and Tricks From the Pros

The lovely folks over at Pin Curl Magazine published this informative tidbit for models hoping to achieve a Pin-Up look in their next photo shoot. This article has so many tips that are great for newbies and seasoned pro's!

Pin Curl January 2010

The tips are gathered from three incredibly successful pin-up photographers: Roy Varga, Stacy Barich of Atomic Cheesecake Studios, and Shoshana of Through the Looking Glass Studios.

Here are some of my favourite tips! Click through to the full article to see all 20 tips!

Pin-Up Modeling Tips and Tricks From the Pros

3. If you want to wear a garter belt and stockings, avoid anything that is designed to “stay up” on its own. Rubberized “thigh highs” and “stay ups” can make even the most toned thighs look like sausage. There are lots of online retailers that specialize in classic stockings that won’t bind your legs. Also, if you have less than toned thighs, a good trick is to find some completely sheer “sheer to waist” pantyhose as a foundation. (Make sure they are not control top! A good choice- Sheer Energy Sheer to Waist- they have the green stripe on the box.) The pantyhose will make your legs looks great, and then you can pull the stockings over them to have the stocking look with toned upper thigh.
14. When posing, try to keep your tongue firmly glued to the roof of your mouth. This will slim your face, and cut down on the double chin.
18. Create lots of angles with your body without pointing a joint to the camera. Never point elbows, knees, or armpits directly to the camera; this is extremely unflattering. Instead create angles where these joints are pointing away from the camera.

Good luck modeling!


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