Friday, March 16, 2012

The Rules: Be the Perfect Date - by Elle Persephone

You may remember the gorgeous and witty Elle Persephone. from a previous blog series: Top 3 Tips for Women Doing The Rules for Online Dating. If you haven't read this three-part guide for ladies on how to use The Rules of dating, you should. Go on, I'll wait.

Makeup by Mark Boyer of 3BArtistry, Photo by Kenneth Lam

Elle has been continung to track the trials and tribulations of hunting down an acceptable man over on her blog. I definitely reccomend reading it, for both men and women (single or taken), not only because she's gorgeous, but because she's just the right amount of honest and brutal. 

Recently she added a wonderful guide for the men, outlining how to be the perfect Rules date. Here's a little blurb, but go on and click through to read the whole she-bang!

How to Be The Perfect Rules Date 

 While I cover how to get a date in “Here’s a Tip For the Fellas, too”, I did not cover what to do once you are in situ. Here - as a special (french) kiss to all my male readers - are tips for men on how to be the perfect Rules date...

Learn all you can, boys!


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