Wednesday, May 2, 2012

G33KPRON's Star Wars Day 1st Year Anniversary Party

May the Fourth be with you!

Get ready to celebrate international Star Wars day and G33KPRON's one year anniversary!

Obskyura, who will be C3PO. Photo by Orangeroads Photography

That's right! Just in time to give a little sneak peek for Babes in Space: in 3DD (August 26th and 30th this year), Red Herring Productions has let the sexy nerds out to do a little Star Wars burlesque on the stage of Tattoo Rock Parlour

Skaii Walker, who will be Darth Vader. Photo by Aaron Schwab

There will be quite a few sexy ladies for your enjoyment! From The Nerdy Stripper Skaii Walker as Darth Vader, Obskyura as C3PO, TyTanya as a bellydance Leia, Charlie Quinn as a delicious Storm Trooper, and of course me with R2D2!

Charlie Quinn, who will be our Storm Trooper.
And there are prizes, so check out what we have in store for you:

  • Darth Vader ForceFX Lightsaber
  • Star Wars The Old Republic game
  • Big Millenium Falcon Lego set
  • Jedi Force books
  • Star Wars Blu-Ray set

TyTanya, who will be Leia. Photo by Orangeroads Photography
Costumes are encouraged! 

Also, Jedi & Sith drink specials a the bar!

If you came to G33kPRONs last Comicon party then you know there will be impromptu lightsaber battles on the dance floor, awesome costumes and a just an all around good time. 

Red Herring (me!), who will be R2D2! Photo by Orangeroads Photography
Come celebrate one year of awesome for G33KPRON!

19+ event (please bring valid ID). $5 at the door before 10:30pm

See you there!


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