Friday, May 25, 2012

GEAR BOX: A Steampunk Burlesque - Photos

Red Herring Productions teamed up with Les Coquettes and Canadian Steam Productions to provide you with a show sure to get your gears grinding!

This was an amazing show for me to produce and I feel so honoured that I had the company of so many amazing performers and crew on stage and off. Here are some photos from what is one of Toronto's only fully-plotted burlesque shows!

Percy Katt as the mad scientist

Eve of Destruction as the experiment

JD Spark as the cat burgler

Tsuki Tsunami as a cabaret performer

Obskyura as a cabaret performer

A review from Edward Williamson

Red Herring really knows how to entertain the masses. If you have the opportunity to attend one of her events, I do highly recommend you take that opportunity. Not only does she find the best acts in the land, but she also finds the best venues with the friendliest staff.

It is always nice to see familiar faces and old friends, but I do also enjoy meeting new people. With Gearbox being tied to the convention circuit, Red did an excellent job of bringing in new faces. I do believe I spoke to as many people who don't attend conventions as I did convention attendees. A most superb turnout, indeed.

Mina LaFleur as the Madame

The cast of GEAR BOX: A Steampunk Burlesque

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