Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Red Herring at Elefant II - No Elefants were harmed

Elefant II was a blast, despite containing absolutely no Elefants.

I attended a benefit last Saturday and performed a burlesque act to help The Cheshire Unicorn promote their upcoming show Infinitum, an aerial and acro dance spectacular. Alongside my tits 'n glitter were St. Stella and Les Coquettes' Billie Black.

Billie Black on silks, Photo by Ryan Visima / vtography.com

Their cast of ladies were sexy and talented, and I had a great time performing with them. Huge thanks go out to La Minouche of  Les Coquettes for allegedly reccomending me, and to Melissa Major and Faye Rauw for bringing me in!

I also won the benefits' Infinity Auction for some acro and aerial classes! Aerial taught by none other than the illustrious and beauteous and nut-butter-covered Natalie Fullerton,* who was involved in the aerial choreography of Infinitum.

Though there were no elefants at Elefant, I might do a good job pretending I am one at our upcoming lesson. I haven't been in the air since March-ish.

For more information on Infinitum, running Sept 30-Oct 16, visit their website: www.cheshireunicorn.com


* Note: She may not actually be covered in nut butter

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