Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guest Post Series! - The Rules by Elle Persephone

I'm going to start a mini series of guest posts, and the cherry popper of the guests is the wonderful, witty Elle Persephone.

I met Elle in Coco Framboise's burlesque classes, and learned that she was writing a blog based on her dating life. This is something that I used to do, back when I first forayed into online dating. Some of these dates went surprisingly well, some surprisingly terrible, and some were just surprising.

Photo from one of the Get Your Makeup Did events that I run. Makeup by 3B Artistry.

Elle, however, has a tool that I was not privy to in my adventures on PlentyofFish and OkCupid: The Rules. Here's her description:

"The Rules - in brief - require that the man initiate contact, the method of contact and that he chooses the date, time and venue for "Date Zero" i.e. a quick drinks date. Finally, he must do all this in 4 messages or less."

Throughout the dates (covering over a year, and up to #43 at the time of this blog) she expands on the rules, and specifically notes where she deviated from them...and the results.

Here's an excerpt from the beginning of her experiment:

"Hello Dear Reader and Welcome to the New Year and beginning of a New Decade.

I have looked back at the previous decade and realized that despite a lot of crying, lying and two broken hearts, I have not achieved my goal of becoming a happy wife and mother. Something has got to change and that change begins with me. I will begin by outlining my intention. I will go on as many dates as I can this year through POF or, the old fashioned way. Initially this sounds daunting but I will choose my potential mates by using a book I found at the library - "The Rules for Online Dating" by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, published in 1995. At first blush, this book seemed draconian in its' rigidity but in practice the method is most scientific. I will abide by the strict code of conduct outlined on those pages and I will not deviate, but if I do I will certainly tell you about it....Wish me Luck, Dear Reader, I will need it."

This is an excellent blog for girls interested in online dating, or dating in general. For guys? Think of this as a view from our side. Tips, pointers, and a nice set of stories from which you can glean advice with careful reading.

Elle will be providing a few posts on her experiences over the last year, and what she has learned from it.

I've included some Amazon links to a few editions by the author, from the '95 original that Elle is working off, to a few newer editions.

With a bit of googling I've found The Rules website!I haven't had time to check it out too thuroughly, but let me know if there's anything interesting here in the comments!

Take a look at Elle's blog and stay tuned for her upcoming posts throughout the month of February!

~ Red Herring

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