Saturday, July 2, 2011

Photoshoot! - Body Painting with Pink Panther Studios and 3B Artistry

I'm incredibly excited to announce that I'll be shooting with Toni Wallachy and Pink Panther Studios, coming up on July 10th as their class model!

Take a look at the Pink Panther blog to get the scoop on what to expect, and take a look at some of their past (and upcoming!) models! 

My boy-creature Mark Boyer of 3B Artistry will be bodypainting me for this shoot. From head to toe. It's definitely not to be missed, and I've been told the class spots are already more than 50% sold out!

No pressure!*

Details from the Pink Panther blog:

Body Painting - Goddess, Aye and Gomorrah – Red Herring

"Aye, and Gomorrah..." is a famous science fiction short story by Samuel R. Delany. Our model Red Herring will transform from a solid white goddess to a coppery god wearing horns.

When: Sunday, July 10
Session: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Price: $125 + HST

Model: Red Herring Model Mayhem #846563
MUA: Mark Boyer of 3B Artistry

to Register [ click here ]

Hope to see you there!

~ Red Herring

* *does a million situps*
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