Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Featured on Pin-Up Talk!

I was featured over on Pin-Up Talk!

Pin-Up Talk showcases Models, Photographers, Artists, Designers and many other professional people in the Industry. They have a collection of videos and interviews with a variety of amazing performers, and I'm flattered to be featured there!

Look what they wrote about me!

"There’s something about this fiery redhead from Canada that burns through to the core of your mind desiring more of her tease. Playful, suggestive, animated, sexy, sensual and turbulently exciting, the Red Herring encases a sweet innocence paired with a deviant little twinkle. A combination of traits that would start a blazing fire within your soul almost instantaneously."

Love it! Thank you so much guys!

Readers, definitely keep an eye on this blog!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vanity - Fan art! Cameron Stewart strikes again!

History has been made!

I present to you, and amazing piece of fan art from the brilliant Cameron Stewart!

I received this piece a few months back, via email, and with my moving and shows and general insanity-of-life, I never had a chance to post it!

Cameron Stewart can be found at His Blog! with more art!

A bit of a bio, clipped from his blog (and wiki):

"Cameron Stewart is the Eisner Award-winning and Shuster Award-winning illustrator of Batman & Robin, Seaguy, Catwoman, The Other Side, Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian, The Apocalipstix and Sin Titulo!" (Winner of the 2009 "Outstanding WebComic Creator/Creative Team" Shuster Award and the 2010 "Best Digital Comic" Eisner Award)

I love art!

~ Red

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Behold, a Vlog! The Sequel - Alternatly Titled: As The Pastie Twirls

Just a little update on Stuff Lately.

Also, I might have a bit of an addiction to Ed's Real Scoop. Really.

Don't help me, it's already too late!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Local Shows - Les Coquettes: First Bite

This would be my first time seeing Les Coquettes perform one of their shows. I've seen bits of the troop out and about; the wonderful Billie Black and I have worked a gig together, Dew Lily should never leave the house with pants on, and Le Barback is probably the best panty bandit/stage man a girl could ever ask for.

This was an amazing show.

Let's Just start off with an 'Oh. My. God.' for the entire cast and crew. This was seriously one of the top burlesque shows I have ever been to.

There was amazing use-of-space, and the seating was laid out perfectly. The photo on the left doesn't quite capture the red atmospheric lighting tht was used in the arches, but it was there. It does show the size of the crowd. The show-lighting was more than the standard 'up, and down' of typical lighting, and each and every one of the troop members is talented beyond belief.

I loved it.

From a producer's point of view, it must have taken a HELL of a lot of work to put together. I'm envious of the 'marketing team' and the crew, having been in those roles all by my lonesome…all at the same time. From a performer's point of view, it took a HELL of a lot of rehearsal time.

The markings of a good show.

I'm going to be gettin' tickets for their Christmas show, and should ya'll.

~ Red

*Photos and video property of Les Coquettes. Be jealous.
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