Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Burlesque Festival and Beyond!

Ladies and lovers of ladies, some belated-to-the-blog news that I know you're all just dying to hear:

I've made it into the Toronto Burlesque Festival!

I did a burlesquey booyaka when I heard the news. It's a combination of a booty-dance (with a lot of booty), some shimmies, someone got flashed, and a bit of glitter was thrown in (for kicks).

So yes, all those pins and needles I was waiting on before have now turned to butterflies, and have localized in my stomach, doing the salsa. My metaphors, I mix them in your general direction.

This, of course, means rehearsing and fretting for a bit, but that's okay! I have made sure to keep myself uber-booked so that I don't have time to worry, just DO.

Yeah, this seems to be an ongoing thing with me.

Some good news? My festival participation means I've been given the sparkley boot from Strip Search! I'll be lending a hand backstage for the event anyway! They can't get rid of me that easy!*

Even though I'm not in Strip Search, I urge you all to go anyway. There will be some of the best new talent in Toronto. You should go and buy us girls some drinks.

See? It's sexy. You need to be there. Especially if you missed last weeks' Dance Dance Evolution fundraiser! I'm hoping to locate some pictures soon, because this event was fantastic. Some of burlesque best established performers showed how you Get It Done, no holds barred. Yours truly chilled at the Wheel of Peel with some sassy other ladies, including Dolly Berlin. We ate bananas and gave out boobie prizes like there was no tomorrow!

Check back for some sure-to-be hilarious photos from the event! Of course, there's always the chance that I could post something related to one of the Super Sekrit Projects I'm working on but...naw, not likely.


* Insert Evil Laugh here

Monday, May 10, 2010

What I've been up to - The Marching April Review

So...remember when I mentioned all those shows and things that I've been doing? Here's a little round-up!

A Night With the March Hare had me performing in a sizable venue for the first time. It was my first official paid show.

Of course, I thought it'd be awesome to do two acts (and it was), but the insanity that came with it has taught me to budget for time, don't take on more than you can chew, expect burlesque to be like this by default. Knowing is half the battle.

Photo, and above, by Stan Trac

I did my Oh Sheep! act, and debuted a brand new Wonderland-inspired Caterpillar act. Even though my on-stage time is a blur, the reviews didn't scare me off from performing in the follow-up, April Fools: A Comedy Cabaret (with my Oh Sheep! act once more).

A Kitten, Assist, and Perform gig with the Firecrackers at their debut show really had me working up a sweat.

Photos by Sammy Snapshot

I did a reboot of my Dirty Laundry act with Muffin, my new assistant: A pony head with boa-gore. As usual, a few civilians were harmed.

Lastly, a gathering of nerd was had at Bella's Burlesque Birthday Bash, in which I got rejected by a guy at the bar, and had to rock out in true drunken Unrequited Fever fashion.

Love this photo by Brian Tao. Hot.

Stay tuned for some exciting news on what I'm up to now, and in the future! I've just managed to guarantee my own insanity until the second week of September!


Upcoming Engagements!

No rest for the wicked, huh?

Well, along with being a busty, er, busy bee these past few months (so much so that I'm neglecting this poor blog), I'm also looking to be quite booked up for the foreeable future.

This only means good things. want to see me? Of course you do!

This week I'll be peroforming a brand new act at the Circus O Burlesque A Mania Insania in Oshawa! Not only is this thing seeing me decked out in a brand new costume, but there's been rumours of a hat 'n cane, and maybe a little bit of rock music. You know, cause that's how I roll.

Ladies and gentlemen, you HAVE to come out. There's simply no excuse. If not to see me, then for sure to check on the likes of the lovely Pandora La Glamme, Fiona Flauntit, and Molly Mishap, among many other sexy ladies.

May 16 I'll be the featured photography model in Artisans Exposed with Circus Entertainment at Ambrosia Room.

This is going to be a blast, and an awesome restart for Circus Entertainment. I'll be showing off my new costume in Toronto for the first time!

There's a bunch more on my horizon, but you'll have to wait and see what I've got my paws on next. There might even be a little website in my future!


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