Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poison Ivy - Bodypainting, Burlesque, and Cosplay.

In the spirit of the upcoming super nerdy burlesque show, Holy Boobies Batman, we have a special article going on here at chez blog:

Poison Ivy...naked.

Or rather, I thought I'd put together a history of my Poison Ivy incarnations to date.

The majority of the time I end up portraying the lovely green lady of Batman fame, my costume consists primarily of paint. This is the benefit of running in the bodypaint circuit, I suppose.

Here I am as a minimalist Poison Ivy from FABIAC Back in 2009.

Painted by Nick and/or Brian Wolfe (they're twins!)

From the sparse Poison Ivy (it must have been very early spring, no bush...?) we have the arguably more covered version as painted by Denny Guin. This is a play on the Arkham Asylum version of Ivy, and included what was possibly my most amusing impromptu costume piece ever: a glue on plastic-leaf merkin, made on the spot with eyelash glue.

Bodypainting by Denny Guin, photography by

Glue was staining my nether-regions spotted green for days.

Coming up on June 3rd I'll be at Nocturne nightclub on Queen St West for ELECTROPOLIS PRESENTS: Heroes & Villains Theme Bodypainting Party! Here I'll be painted as Ivy once again, this time by my boy-creature 3B Artistry. We're going to go with a more classical version of Ivy, and I'll be promoting  Holy Boobies Batman, which is the following night. Come out, dance, bring some cash and get painted!

Lastly, here's a teaser pic of the Poison Ivy costume made by sewing-machine goddess Brook.

We went with a Showgirl "Poison Ivy Goes to Vegas" sort of theme. I'm in love with the bustle, which is ridiculously large. I am also in love with rhinestones.

Come see me and other beauties at the Underground on Saturday, June 4th, and witness the costume in it's entirety...before I remove it piece by piece.

~ Red Herring


  1. This is so fantastic!!! I wish I could come see the show. Burlesque & Batman is the best combo ever. I bet your costume will look amazing!

  2. Love it! Can't wait to see your new costume.


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