Monday, July 16, 2012

Babes in Space: in 3DD! - Star Trek vs Star Wars Burlesque!

Star Trek vs Star Wars Burlesque is back for its third year!

This year there are TWO shows and TWICE the chance to see sexy girls (and the occasional sexy man) battle it out for supremacy IN THREE DOUBLE DEE~! We're going to entertain you in ALL DIMENSIONS

Red Herring Productions presents BABES IN SPACE!

Come find us at FanExpo with The Comic Book Lounge at booth 614 and grab your tickets in person! Maybe even get a photo with one of the ladies from the show!

Starring world-touring Coco Framboise and NYC award winning performer Nasty Canasta! And check out our amazing trailer!

For all the information you'll need about the show and galleries from previous years, head over to my website and check it out!

 See you there!

~ Red Herring

Friday, July 6, 2012

Epic Win Burlesque - Featuring Red Herring!

EPIC WIN Burlesque presents...The New Nerdlesque Review!

Which means, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to New York City!

No, I've never been to the Big Apple before. Yes, I'm incredibly flattered and excited to be performing there as a headliner for this show. Nelson Lugo, the hot for the night and the producer for EPIC WIN, has been an online friend and nerd-minded buddy for a while now.

I am jazzed.

Here are the details! 

In the past 3 years there has been an explosion of geeks onto the burlesque scene and it is high time that those newer talents got a chance to shine and be introduced to nerds and burlyq fans the world over. The New Nerdlesque Review is a showcase of the best and brightest of the most recent crop of pop culture devotees. The performers in this show, for the most part, have only been in the burlyq scene for a year or less and all of them lovingly embrace their very nerdy interests.

Come and hoot, holler and cheer for the newest and hottest nerds to hit the stage!


Satira Sin - Her Devils may cry... with joy!

Moxie Kat - Warrior of Skyrim - Lover of Batman

Tawdry Owl - Rivendell elf or yellow haired Vulcan... you be the judge.

Fox Y. Vermouth - A genetically engineered hottie for maximum awesome.

Clara Coquette - Her Star Wars knowledge is second only to her Shimmy-Shake.

Red Herring - Canada's Sexiest Nerdy Burly Star

Hosted By

Nelson Lugo - the official magician to the nerd masses

Venue: R-Bar Manhattan - 218 Bowery, NYC

(between Prince St. & Spring St.)

Show: Saturday July 28th

Doors @ 7:30PM :: Show @ 8PM (SHARP)

Tickets: $10 Bucks!

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