Friday, April 20, 2012

Video Blog from the Boston Burlesque Exposition

Earlier this year, I applied and got into the Boston burlesque festival, known as The Great Burlesque Exposition. In order to get my plane down there (my awesome prop by 3bArtistry) I embarked on a road trip with my videographer (the maker of all the awesome trailers you see). Lord, was this trip an experience!

My faithful driving companion The Spanish Fly (aka Tatiana) was kind enough tot take on the task of driving me and my plane all the way from Toronto to Boston.

And then the car broke down.

The hilarity. It ensued.

Here're the videos of our adventures!

And part two!

So...warning for drinking, bikini's, and hilarity. How 'bout that sponsorship Doritos? Eh?

~ Red Herring

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Photographer Spotlight - Robert 'Nix' Nickson and Myla Strange

 Nix and Myla are definitely an experience to work with. Their shoots typically have an edge to the sexiness, involving blood, heads not attached to bodies, or heavy machinery. I love photo sets that have a narrative, maybe because of my writer background. Every time they contact me with an idea, I'm super excited to jump on it.

Our first shoot tougher involved nuns, school girls, and heavy blood-covered chainsaws. While the photos didn't turn out due to some bad luck, the experience was hilarious and the story behind the shoot and their attitudes really encouraged me to continue working with them and I'm so glad I did.

Here are some photos we've worked on together with Rodrigo from Rue Morgue Magazine!

The redhead always wins! Photos by Nix, makeup by 3BArtistry

 Nix and Myla float between Detroit and Toronto (and possibly some other places) and have recently opened up their studio in Detroit, where one of our shoots was used as a major unveiling! This one:

Christmas Corpse! Photo by Nix
As a bonus, I never leave a shoot with them empty handed. Whether it's a gorgeous fascinator, a really lush Santa Hat, or even framed prints of our previous work, they really appreciate and support the girls who work with them.

Check them out, and give them love!

~ Red

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