Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vanity - Fan art! Cameron Stewart strikes again!

History has been made!

I present to you, and amazing piece of fan art from the brilliant Cameron Stewart!

I received this piece a few months back, via email, and with my moving and shows and general insanity-of-life, I never had a chance to post it!

Cameron Stewart can be found at His Blog! with more art!

A bit of a bio, clipped from his blog (and wiki):

"Cameron Stewart is the Eisner Award-winning and Shuster Award-winning illustrator of Batman & Robin, Seaguy, Catwoman, The Other Side, Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian, The Apocalipstix and Sin Titulo!" (Winner of the 2009 "Outstanding WebComic Creator/Creative Team" Shuster Award and the 2010 "Best Digital Comic" Eisner Award)

I love art!

~ Red

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