Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Burlesque Classes - Coco Framboise hosts Armitage Shanks

Armitage Shanks is back in Toronto and teaching again at Coco Framboise's School of Burlesque!

I had the oppourtunity to take the first version of this class last time, and those who know me know I'm a total sponge for classes. I'll take any chance to learn that I can!

Armitage was one of the best teachers I've had from Coco's selection of classes. There was theory and technique and improv all rolled into one. It's amazing to be able to learn from a performer who's been practically everywhere and produced and directed and worked with a multitude of performers across the international scene.

To me, classes are what can send an average performer to star status. One should always take the oppourtunity to learn from the successful people in your industry. Researching them online and seeing their shows is one great way, but nothing can really beat the educational experience of a class where they lay it all out for you and you get an oppourtunity to connect one-on-one.

In short: Take classes. Take this class.

I'm going to be attending this class once more, and hope to take the chance to polish up some of my routines for the load of shows I have coming up, including one on December 17th with Coco Framboise and Armitage Shanks himself! Up Your Chimney will be one of the many productions Armitage is hosting with Coco during his stay in Toronto, and it's definitely one XXXmas show to catch!

More info on this show (and others) to come! See you there!


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