Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Orangeroads Photography and Pink Panther Studios

I'm in love.

Don't tell the boy.

Toni Walachy is one of the most amazing photographers I have ever worked with. She is the Mistress of Pink Panther Studios downtown Toronto on Queen St. East, which runs workshops on Sundays and Wednesdays, providing photographers with a full studio, and models with a full dressing room and wardrobe section!

Here's a video of a shoot we did with 3B Artistry and Spanish Fly Films. It was a full bodypaint, with two looks for photographers to shoot. This was a super long day, but we got some amazing shots!

Take a look at a few shots from some of our escapades!

You can add Pink Panther Studios on facebook too! Photographers and models can benefit from her huge prop room, Sunday workshop classes, and gorgeous space, which is also available to rent if you need a spot to shoot!

Here's a view of a corner in the front room, all done up for the holidays! Also available are the brand new corset bar, a kitchen and storage room with a load of props and a coffeemaker for those early-morning shoots,  and a sexy private dressing room for models! The studio itself can accomodate at least two photosets at any given time, and probably a lot more! (What do I know, I just pose!)

Check her out, and don't tell her I have a crush!

~ Red

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