Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Burlesque How To: Tassel Twirling (featuring Elvira!)

Hello all you burlesque babe wannabe's out there! This is for you!

Tassel twirling is one of the iconic moves in burlesque. That's what those tassels are there for! Now, while you don't need to twirl to wear them, or to do burlesque, I'm always in support of continuing education. This sort of continuing education is hilarious to practice, and makes a great party trick!

I learned to spin after a few drinks and some dedicated mirror-time. Very little else will get you to pro-status. Something that helped me immensley was attending Coco Framboise's classes, especially the one dedicated to this fine art. Not only is it amusing and sexy in equal doses, but it's also educational!

For those not able to attend Coco's classes (check out the current schedule here) this Youtube video also offers great instruction!

So there you go! Grab a bottle of wine and some spirit gum, stick those babies on and get to twirling!

But how do you go about using them on stage? Well for that, I point you to the spookiest of boobies: Elvira! Here's a video of some of the most classic and well known tasseling (and one of the best movies ever). Take a gander!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that!

If you haven't yet seen the feature film from which this scene is popular, I advise that you do. Buy it, watch it, love it. There's really nothing else to do where Elvira's involved.

~ Red Herring

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