Saturday, October 29, 2011

Burlesque Decor - 3 Ways to Sexy up a Pumpkin!

Now I know Halloween is coming, and pumpkins are all fall-season appropriate and whatnot, but aside from drawing faces on mini pumpkins (I do this. It's awesome. Give them a monocle) what other sort of things can you do to this kind of squash to make it last a little longer than the Halloween standard Jack-o-Lantern? 

Instead of stabbing your squash, removing its insides, and carving a face into its skin, consider putting down the knife and opting for a more long-lasting pumpkin statement this fall. Besides, like most disemboweled things and one-night stands, they start to go flaccid and smelly really quick. 

How do you burlesque a pumkin, you might ask? You class that shit up!

I've scoured the internet for some classy pumpkins for you. Now go grab your gourds.

1. Rhinestone It!

Like any burlesque dancer, you know the power of shiny. Grab some E6000 and some of the cheaper stones* and get to gluing!

You could try a design on your pumpkin, like a bra, maybe a set of pasties, or stay spooky like below and do a spiderweb! Add on a glittery spider (of course!) and you're set.

 Or, if that's a little too minimalistic for your style, go all sorts of E6000 crazy and rhinestone the hell out of it. The examples below did some wonderful pattern work by varying the jewel sizes!


 2. Lace it Up!

Lace makes everything prettier! Grab an old or cheap pair of stockings you may have put a snag in, and cover that pumpkin! As you can see above, painting pumpkins white can make them look a touch more elegant,  and in this case it'll show off the contrast with the lace particularly well!

3. Silhouette it!
Always classy, and gives a certain Victorian flair to your squash! Find a silhouette you like, or create your own, and paint it flat black on another of your white-painted pumpkins. You can see in the photo below they've added some ribbon as a border.**

There you have it! Three ways to class up your pumpkins for fall decor, burlesque style! Bonus? No hollowed out pumpkin corpses!


* Leave the swarovskis for your boobs!

** Ignore the twig pumpkin. Not classy enough.

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