Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Holidays! - Cookies and Truffles

Despite being sick for a majority of the gigs I had on my calendar earlier this month, I managed to pull through and get 'er done!

There were six shows for me this month before the holidays, and two more after Christmas! Busy busy for sure! Much abuse of cold meds happened, as well as the amazing Cold 911 from DavidsTea. Saviour, right there.

I tend to get baking over the holidays, and it's one of the rare occasions you'll find my slaving away in the kitchen. Something about it being cold outside, I guess. As soon as the showgirl plague I was experiencing passed I went straight to the recipes I had building up!

Oreo and Chocolate Chip Truffles made a first-time appearance in my kitchen and seem to have gone over well with those who ate them.

My other specialty is Chocolate Chip Kalhua Espresso cookies, and remain to be the only thing I cook that my parents will eat without suspicion.

I'm honestly a good cook, they're just suspicious.

Sweets were used for gifts this year. Gifting homemade food is great to do if you're in a budget crunch! And really, who's not these days?

Also, thank the powers that be for makeup and its ability to make me not look like a cold medication fuelled zombie, even when I felt like one!

~ Red

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