Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What is BurlyCon?

You need to go.

I'm just going to write that there before dumping any more information on you, so you get it. Do you get it? Do you understand?

If you are a burlesque performer, or want to be a performer, or are involved in the burlesque scene in a large really need to attend this event. And if it's not 'for you' to attend? You need to promote it to every performer that you know.

BurlyCon is the only annual Burlesque Educational convention that I know of. No shows, no competitions, just pure, old fashioned learnin'!

From the site:
Our aim is to further the development and historical knowledge of this rare American art form that is experiencing a popular resurgence worldwide. Unlike other Festivals and Expos that highlight Burlesque performance, this weekend-long gathering contains no show and no audience. Rather, all activities at BurlyCon are focused on the behind-the-scenes components of Burlesque: building skills, deepening knowledge, and growing as a community.             ~ BurlyCon

BurlyCon is coming up in November, from the 1st to the 4th. That may seem like a ways off, but the deals for tickets started months ago. I advise you get in on it now!

They also have payment plans available! More information and registration options are AVAILABLE HERE!

BurlyCon 2011 class photo, by Don Spiro
You get four days of expert instruction, over 100 classes to choose from, and teachers like Alotta Boutté, Ophelia Flame, and Peekaboo Pointe
Keep an eye on their website for more updates, or sign up for their newsletter!
Will I see you there?

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