Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Toronto Burlesque Festival Recap! - Thursday!

My first official festival performance!


Thank goodness I was in the beginning of the festivities! If I had been later on I think the offstage jitters would have needed a little more liquid courage to get up there.

I performed a new computer-y act to open the Rising Stars Showcase on the Thursday of the festival, preceding amazing performers of the night like Mahogany Storm of Boylesque TO, Trixie Jones, Strip Search 2010 winner and fellow Get Luckys troupe member, and Freya Luna (who I later ended up saving! Sauntered right up like knight in silver pasties, I did.) all the way from Tennessee!

Freya Luna

Keith Cole was an amazing host for the night, and I spent most of my time running between the Showcase and the main bar to catch all the performances (and give minor molestations to the Boylesque boys like some version of ab'd up boy Bingo).

You can find a video of my act here*:

The night ended with a surprise house guest in The form of Freya Luna, who let me tell you, is probably one of the best house guests EVER. I approve of importing such fine ass talent from other places, especially when we can bitch about discuss animatedly subjects such as freelance writing and the wonders of dealing with clients.

Before I go, a few pictures of my costume from the night!

Photo by Mopo

Photo by

Photo by Ken Lam at Get Your Makeup Did

- Red Herring

* Yes those are Mac apple pasties. Think Steve Jobs would give me some sponsorship?

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