Monday, July 26, 2010

The Toronto Burlesque Festival Recap! - Wednesday!

7Wednesday was the kickoff of the festival, and it began with a trip to the Gladstone Hotel to see the North American premiere of the documentary Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque.

Same movie, different event!

To be honest, I wasn't originally going to attend. I, like many a burlesquer, am often ass broke. The advance tickets had a good deal however, so I dropped the cash a few days before and trotted down to register for the festival, pick up my goodie bag, and hang out with the delightful Stacey of and whoever else we happened to meet.

I love being secure in the knowledge that even if you're not going to the event with anyone, you're certain to meet someone you already know.

It's like Cheers, but if Kristie Alley took off her top. The Toronto burlesque scene: where everyone knows your stage name.

The movie gave me a real look into the 'scene' outside of Toronto. It was inspiring and educational, and not for one minute boring.
Julie Atlas Muz

The post-premier performances were my first taste of live international burlesque. It was delicious. Julie Atlas Muz and Peekaboo Pointe are my two new favourite performers. The 'lip synching' of Miss Julie will be remembered always.

Peekaboo Pointe

After the premier and performances I had the wonderful luck to accompany a bevy of amazing dancers out to a delicious round of poutines! The ever-wonderful Miss Exotic World 2010: Roxi Dlite and her charming spouse-creature Darcy sat at the table with Stacey of and the one and only Dirty Martini!

Behold chocolate-rum milkshake!

Thus ended an amazing opening to the festival!

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