Friday, July 9, 2010

Behind the Scenes with Lady Luck Productions

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to be a part of a giant filming event with Lady Luck Productions for their new swing-themed show.

The Get Luckies (St. Stella, Trixie Jones, and myself) got there around 10am to start filming. Costume changes, flowers, feathers, and a bit of tease for the camera later, and we had a wonderful day!

Pictured here are two of Lady Luck's dancers, Teresa (red dress) the amazing vocalist, and St Stella (right) the bendy blonde beauty. The Get Luckies managed to pull together four matching outfits for the event, and the black flapper dress you see on the bombshell on the right was one of the best sets we had...completely by accident!

There was a variety of amazing talent present all day long. Natalie Fullerton, of Les Coquettes, came by to show off her amazing skills on the silks. Aside from her awe-inspiring talent (afraid of heights, me? No, just the landing. Splat.) I loved the turquoise silks. I seem to have only seen red in the scene so far. I can't wait to see this part of the video.

Some of the amazingly talented backup dancers in one of the many adorable costumes. These girls do not know the meaning of tired. They kept up with the twirling and lifts and run-throughs all day, no matter the heat.

Here you can see us in our seriously adorable sailor costumes. This was our second-last costume switch, and poor Trixi had to run off to work before we finished off the day and headed into the rewarding 'after party' quest. Bonus: Drinks!

A nice group shot of the majority of the girls from the day. Our male brethren had disappeared somewhere behind the camera. The two ladies in the middle (Teresa and Patrizia) are the wonderful minds, legs, and voices behind Lady Luck, with a bevvy of us dancers and burlesques framing the shot.

I definitely can't wait to see the video! I'll make sure to post it here (and everywhere else) as soon as it goes up!

~Red Herring

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