Friday, August 6, 2010

The Toronto Burlesque Festival Recap! - Friday

Friday was a long day. I was planning to attend a Burlesque University class led by Dr. Lucky and then see who I would meet in the hours until the big show at Revival. That's not quite how it turned out...

Some of the pretty people outside Revival. An amazing Volunteer, 
Mahogany Storm, Lula Hoop-Garou, and Freya Luna! 

I headed to my class, which had been canceled due to lack of pre-registration. What I and a very pretty blonde (whose name I can't remember) got instead was a wonderful hour of discussion with Dr. Lucky and a lapdance.

Good times!

Missing out on a lesson with Dr. Lucky, while unfortunate, let me take a class with Tigger. What a class!

Tigger, with Toronto's own Dew Lily and Patastrophic. Too...much...hottness...

I come from an academic background, so when attending a non-technical class, I like to make notes. I like discussion leaders who Do Not Say "I don't really have an outline. What do you want to talk about?

Tigger came in with notes, and proceeded to give a bang-up lecture/discussion on a variety of character-related topics that went deeper than the answers someone could google. I scribbled in my notebook, drew a picture of him, and then proceeded to get slapped around by Miss Sugarpuss in the brief class-teaser led by Julie Atlas Muz (whose class was also nixed).

Miss Sugarpuss, photo not mine

If I get a chance, I will jump on another class taught by Julie in an instant. Watching Tigger and Coco Framboise slapping each other around in my peripheral vision made it hard to keep a straight face!

Julie Atlas Muz and Patastrophic. Damn that boy gets around.

The Friday night show at Revival was packed, and amazing. I missed a few acts when I escaped up to the balcony to rub money on the vendors (in exchange for swarovski-covered wares and cupcakes), but I caught my favourites and found some new favourites. Miss Sugarpuss (photo above) is a new Canada-grown fav...and she's a doll in person too. Even if she smacked me around a little.

I liked it.

After the show there was the usual mass-exodus to the front steps of Revival, where the pretty people congregated and I flittered to-and-fro taking photos with a mating call of 'It's for my blog!'

Coco Framboise and her Crew of Extraordinarily Hot Gentlemen! Wrong Note Rusty, 
Mahogany Storm, and just a peek of Sexy Mark Brown!

I had a few (coveted) words with Satans Angel. Oh my god, that woman...*fans* You can feel the personality shooting off this woman in every direction. I got a lipstick pen from after her act! I may or may not have initially thought it was a vibrator...

Here she is, pictured with Joe of DragonLady Comics

The day and night were long, and tiring, and eventful, and inspiring. By the time I got home my little notebook of ideas was full, and more were swimming nude in my head. It was a glorious skinny-dip of inspiration.

I close with the delicious Miss dd Starr and Obskyura. Both busty, shiny, and full of flowers. A wonderful forshadowing for the coming Saturday!

~ Red

* Photos are mine, unless otherwise noted!

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