Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Toronto Burlesque Festival Recap! - Saturday

Saturday had us hosted at The Mod Club, right across from the previous nights' show at Revival. Due to my position up with the vendors in the balcony area, helping out, I didn't get to see every act this night.

Instead, I had the oppourtunity to connect with the wonderful Cadence of Pretty Things Boutique, as well as Kay Licious. Their wardrobe changes throughout the weekend were amazing, and did a damn good job advertising their wares!

Also amazing were the bejeweled flowers on sale by the incredibly charming Amber Ray. I save up specifically for her accessories. Take a look at this garden below for a glance of what she has. The orchids she has on offer are my favourite (I own about five...). You can also see some pretty blooms not included in her sales, hiding in the background.

I did duck in and out to see a few performances over the course of the night. Some particularly memorable ones for me are:

Lena Love's cyborg act. Hell, Lena Love ever. Girlcrush. I think we should pair up my Thursday silver robot act and her Sunday bronze robot act and go be hot robots everywhere. I'm biased.

Boylesque TO did one of my favourite group numbers of theirs: Backstreet Dads. This routine was a mad hit with the audience, if the screams from the sea of people below the balcony (many of the loudest were performers) were anything to go by.

The Magenta Diamond gave an amazing aerial act involving hula-hooping while hanging from a rope while really high up. Also, several hula-hoops were used at once while on stage. This girl has got to be one of my top dames for burlesque and variety acts. Her Sunday performance (which I'll get to in a later post) was one of my favourites of the entire festival. Hot.
The Magenta Diamond on Sunday, Costume by Flo Foxworthy 
with photo by Olena Sullivan

Coco Framboise did her peacock act, with the gorgeous costume that I love so much (and the gorgeous French Maid Obskyura, whom I feel similarly about...though I cannot wear her*) except somehow she lost her panties...and ended up with a feather wedged precariously in unmentionable areas.

The MC for the night was Miss Astrid. Holy hell. She gave an excellent class in Burlesque University during which she underlined the importance of character in MCing. Not only was it an expertly laid-out and lectured class, but she really embodied everything she discussed. She is an amazing MC. Nasty, witty, dry, and absolutely drenched in character...for the whole show.

Julie Atlas Muz did a complete juxtaposition to her Wednesday night ass-lipsynching act of utter hilarity, and really showed the range that has probably made her so well known with a gorgeous balloon act that was nothing like the raw performance earlier, or the hilarious duet with Tigger on the Revival night.

Lastly, Roxi Dlite performed her Miss Exotic World 2010 award wining cigar act. Sometimes a cigar is just a ten foot smoking lit-up cigar with a naked woman on top.

Mostly all I can say about Roxi is 'Holy Shit' and then there's a lot of gesturing and random noises. Then I go have a shower.

She did NOT dissapoint.

Roxi Dlite, photographed by Roxi Dlite (because she does it all)

The Mod Club unceremoniously booted the whole lot of us out as soon as the show was over (jerk move, guys.) and I ended up joining an after-party of amusement at the Cadillac Lounge. Below are some enjoyable pictures from those adventures.

Patastrophic and the girls post lapdance sexy times

OH MY GOD! Duck Lily! Melles Belle Jumelle is coming for you!

The adorable Cherry Typhoon, all the way from Japan, and our home grown DD Starr!

Lastly, our lovely locals Coco Framboise and Elle Persephone:

who remind me SO much of this:

Until next year, Toronto!

~ Red Herring

* That would be creepy. "It puts the sparkles on its skin..."

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