Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FanExpo 2010 - Marketing in Space!

FanExpo and I have a long relationship. Back in the days when I ran a webcomic I knew the Artist Alley section like the back of my hand. Prior to that I was a con-goer (and cosplayer. What.), and then the last few years I've been a Booth Babe. This year, once more, I was behind the booth.

Babes in Space
Mission: Target Marketing

The weekend was a whirlwind of fans and 'Hey, have you ever been to a burlesque show?' and posing and cupcakes and drama and phew!

I managed to wrangle up a set of delicious Sci-fi beauties for the duration of the Expo, despite a couple cancellations. We had the lovely looks of: Obskyura (also as an Orion Slave Girl), Dolly Berlin, and Bibi Bourgeon, the presence of Jojo of Circus Entertainment (and provider of the backdrop under BigHead Murals), the bodypainting talent of Mark Boyer from 3B Artistry, and the omnomtacular cupcakes of Stacey Laureyssens.

Our team was unstoppable!

My eye-catching red lame starfleet uniform was made by Brook, who is a goddess among sewing machines! It certainly caught the attention of the fans I was luring over...for three days straight!

Obskyura as an Orion Slave Girl, a fan, and myself!

We were located in a bit of an akward area downstairs, between Gravy Train and Nerdgasm. It was delightful company allweekend, even throughout the closure due to over-crowding!

We DID have Stan Lee and William Shatner in our area, which really helped with targeting our fliers to people who'd be interested in seeing nerdy burlesque.

Down with us were Nerdgirl Pinups, Steampunk Canada and the Toronto Steampunk Society (shoutouts to Adam Smith for being a doll all weekend, and Liana K for upholding redhead power!), and the 501st! R2D2 is such a doll, and the stormtroopers that dropped by our booth certainly added to the theme!
Dolly Berlin, myself, and Stacey at the booth

I have learned, as I always end up doing in the midst of disaster, that I probably shouldn't plan three hundred things for the same three days. Performing in the Shameless Showcase (with a new act!) AND doing the convention, AND prepping for a show the following week? Proven way to give myself soaring blood pressure.

Endless thanks to those that had to put up with me (Stacey, Mark, Jojo) and those that helped out (all of the above, with double thanks to the beautiful-freaky-talented Obskyura), and FanExpo for sponsoring our table!

Until next year, FanExpo!

~ Red

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