Monday, December 6, 2010

Pics from the past! - Mehron Blog Feature

This is a feature I had, way back, at the Mehron blog for Bodyssey 2009 (the first of many times I would be bodypainted).
 I was painted by  Alex Hansen, a worldwide winner at a metric tonne of bodypainting competitions. Mehron gifted him with a set of paints to test out, their new Lux Airbrush Makeup by Mehron.

 Photo by Saul Porto

I had a great time at this convention. This was the second time I was fully painted, and it was really fun to run around (especially in the headpiece below) and fill out the character of the painting.

Photo by Eric Choi of Spider 01 photography

This was also the event that I met my boy-creature at, and earned me the oppourtunity to be flown to Orlando, FL for the FABAIC convention!

Paint is always a good time!


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