Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vote for Red Herring at The Zed World's Sexiest Zombie Contest!

I'm back! And in true spirit of returning things, I'm competing in a zombie contest!

Now, it's not just any contest, it's The Zed Words' Sexiest Zombie Contest.

The photo below is my entry in the contest...

Makeup by Mark Boyer of 3BArtistry, Photo by Toni Wallachy of Orangeroads Photography

This shoot was a collaboration between myself and two incredibly talented people: Mark Boyer of 3BArtistry as the makeup artist and zombie pro, and Toni Wallachy of Orangeroads Photography and Pink Panther Studios, photography Mistress of awesomeness.

For the zombie concept, we wanted to stray away from the typical horror-film zombie, and didn't want to go to hard in the direction of pin-up zombies either. Historically, zombies come from voodoo traditions in the deep south, so we decided instead to go for more of a voodoo priestess zombie, a bayou ghoul, etc.

Winning this contest would be an amazing victory for Toni and Mark, as this photo would appear on the front page of The Zed Word for a full year! I, of course, would be taking part in that victory as well!

What are you waiting for? Go vote for me! I'm #8, and hoping to pull in some more votes before the contest closes on September 22nd. I promise I'll chew on your bodyparts first when the apocalypse comes!

More photos from this set will be made available upon my triumph!

~ Red Herring  

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  1. Voted! And not only because we're friends, but because your picture really was the BEST! I love your unusual interpretation, I'm so bloody (ha!) sick of zombies. But yours is awesome. I hope you win! Can I vote more than once?


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