Monday, August 22, 2011

Babes in Space - Performer Rundown! Part Two

 Percy Katt
Side: Star Trek
Type: Vamp

…Capitan’s Log Star date 2011… Model turned boylesque tantaliser, debuted on the Toronto
burlesque stage earlier this summer. His rugged good looks and sensuous movements will have you
shatnering yourself with anticipation.

Miranda Tempest
Side: Star Trek
Type: Aerial Royalty

This naughty number is at home in a space cube, and has spent the last six years performing
internationally. She never fails to add your uniqueness to her own to create mesmerizing acts. This sinful seven of nine is always a perfect ten, and when is comes to her sexy seductions, resistance is futile.

Skaii Walker
Side: Star Wars
Type: Dirty Girl

Ramp up those thrusters and hold onto your pods...This racy rebel will excite your mideclorians and bring balance to the force. Her mesmerizing manoeuvres leave no doubt that she is the best xxx-wing fighter in this showdown.

Ty Tanya
Side: Star Wars
Type: Belly Dance

No stranger to shaking her money maker, this princess’s got great buns! Ty’s Sexy sway and captivating curves will have you babbling like JarJar and drooling like Jaba the hut. Not one to be chained down, her seductive sedation is just too powerful to keep hidden for long.

This wonderful report on the nakedness that you will be witnessing August 28th and September 1st was compiled by your friendly neighborhood alien, Asston von Martian. See her on stage, being an intergalactic Panty Bandit between acts!

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