Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Babes in Space Performer Rundown Part Three!

Keela Watts
Side: Star Wars
Type: Sultry Songstress

This high voltage hottie should be the queen of your universe, and the senator of your inner republic. Her hair is as high as her shoes, and she is going to reason you senseless with her body language. She’s a live wire whose passion for politics never interferes with her play

Patastrophic Sexapeel
Side: Star Trek
Type: Clown/Vamp

Boylesque T.O member, who spocked the crowd at the 2011 Toronto burlesque festival. Patastrophic is always climbing mountains. This bad boy rarely plays by the rules, but always wows the crowed with his no holds barred sense of comedic justice.

Red Herring
Side: Star Wars
Type: Professional Distraction

R2DWho? Toronto’s hottest little droid not only produces, she also performs, models, and has appeared on several TV shows including Dragon’s Den and Love Inc. A professional distraction who never comes up short on excitement and the producer of Babes in Space!

This wonderful report on the nakedness that you will be witnessing August 28th and September 1st was compiled by your friendly neighborhood alien, Asston von Martian. See her on stage, being an intergalactic Panty Bandit between acts!

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