Friday, November 4, 2011

Red Herring - TIFF 2011 Interview

I'm always a fan of the Toronto International Film Festival and the celebrity chaos it brings to the city. People tend to flock. Unfortunately the TTC feels the burden, and going anywhere downtown is a mess. Regardless, the chance encounters with some sexy stars tend to make it worthwhile.

Every year I end up working a TIFF event somehow, and luckily this was my second year at the Raindance gala! Take a look below at the interview I did while there!

One of my friends saw Ryan Gosling last year, hanging out at Cherry Cola's (where I used to gogo dance!) and another ran into Robert Pattinson.

I'm happy for the networking oppourtunities and the amusing artists I tend to meet. Can't wait until TIFF 2012!


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