Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Burlesque Performers! - Strip Search Toronto is Back!

Ladies and gentlemen, and those resolutely refusing to be classified as neither (scoundrels and strumpets!) Toronto's Strip Search competition is back!

 Though they skipped a year, they've returned strong, and if you're a new performer you're really going to want to get in on this chance to ROCKET to stardom like Trixi Jones, the previous Strip Search winner! Past Strip Search competitiors include Obskyura, Dew Lily and Miss dd Starr! All have gone on to become well known names in our community and beyond! Follow in their glittery footsteps. I compel you.

I've included the event information and application below, kindly stolen from our community staple, the Canadian Wolfman!

The Toronto Burlesque Festival Presents:
Sunday April 1st at The Revival Nightclub
783 College Street, Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm.  

Performer Application

(IMPORTANT NOTE: in order to participate in Strip Search Toronto, you
must have only been performing in Burlesque since no earlier than June
1, 2010. Contest open to Ontario residents only.)  

Stage name:
Phone Number to be best reached at:
Have you ever performed a live burlesque act?
If so, when and at what show was your first performance?
Have you performed in any subsequent shows? Give brief details.
Why do you want to take part in Strip Search?
How long have you been going to burlesque shows as an audience member?
Give details of your general performance and/or dance background, if any (i.e. theatre experience, dance classes, etc.):
Musical Selection (if applicable):
a) Name of song you are using:
b) Artist:
c) Length of act:

* Please provide a description of your act. Include information on your
costume, mood of the routine, any gimmicks or props, the plot/storyline
of your act or anything else you think is important to share. If you
are altering your number from a video you have attached, please let us
know of the planned changes. We will be using this information to help
craft the show so that your act has maximum impact, in the event that
you are selected to compete.
*Please provide the URL to a video of your act, IF you have one (we understand that many new performers may not have this )

*Are there other people involved in your routine? This includes people
in walk-on roles. Please list both stage and real names here, if any:

*What are your technical requirements for this number, in terms of
clean-up and set-up? Be especially specific and thorough about what you
require for stage set-up.
Please e-mail applications to Canadian Wolfman at and be SURE to attach a photo of yourself.

My monthly show Reveal Me at the Rivoli is all about supporting and integrating new performers into our community. I believe in giving my Virgin Vixens a solid start, and Strip Search is definitely a step in the right direction!

I'll be there at the show April 1st to cheer on all of the newcomers, and I hope you will too!


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