Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Burlesque - A Night With The March Hare - Show Prep!

My burlesque performances are staging a drastic takeover on my life. In little more than two months from my first ever performance* I'm up to three or more per month. This lifestyle is staging a coup on every other hobby and responsibility I have.

My life is sequins and tassels and I don't mind.

I had no idea it would be this involved. My respect and admiration has grown for those who have lived this life far longer and far more successfully than I have (yet) because of the way this glittered wormhole has sucked me in.

So now there's a show coming up. It'll be my first real, big ticket, stage show. I'm running around like a familiar white rabbit trying to get things ready bit by bit so I can shake my bits.

I'll be doing two performances for A Night With the March Hare on March 14th at Revival.

March Hare poster

This show will feature an act that debuted at Mysterion's monthly Mitzi's Sister show, entitled Oh Sheep! and a brand new act!

Oh Sheep! Photo by Shaan Singha

The brand new act is the hard part. I need music, I need moves, I need a costume, and I need all of them to be put together in a reasonably attractive and alluring production that has you more willing to throw twenties than tomatoes.

I've usually started creating my acts with 'Oh, I love this song! I would like to get naked to it...' but this time I'm starting with the concept and doing the music search. It took a lot longer this way...but I came up with ideas for more acts! I think I have the song now, and I think it's being mixed for me, and I think I can pull it together (and pull it apart) in time.

Good thing too, because I've got three more shows to plan for before the middle of May!

*A small, hastily put together show by Nerd Girl Pinups at Comedy Bar


  1. Good to hear things are going well for you, Red! :)

  2. That bunny is scarily anorexic - but you look so darling in that photo! Glad to hear things are going well for you :)

    Also I clearly need to check back here for updates more often.


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