Friday, April 16, 2010

Featured in Xtra - Police at the Peepshow!

I was happy to stage-kitten in a recent production at Revival called Ridiculesque, starring some amazing and hilarious performers from all over the city.

That is...until the cops showed up.

Bylaw officers card burlesque performers, stay for show

Regardless, the show was fun, and running around picking up panties dressed as Harley Quinn was pretty epic.

One problem though:

"They told organizers that an audience member phoned in a complaint during the first half of the show."

Who would go to a BURLESQUE show and complain? Really? That's like going to a BBQ and being offended when there's meat. Apparently a commenter on the article feels the same!

"...I'd love to know exactly which bluestockinged idiot paid to see a BURLESQUE show that was billed as being particularly wild and outrageous (I mean, it featured Russell Oliver, for god's sake), signed a waiver at the start, acknowledging that the show could be offensive, then phoned in a complaint after being offended."

All should blow over, but it certainly added an element of ridiculesness to the night!


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