Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get Your Makeup Did!

Am I keeping busy? You betcha. Time for some self-promotion! (Give me a break, most of my 9to5 goes to glitter and rent, in that order)

Once a month or so, I've been running a makeup event in conjunction with my boy-creature and a photographer I've worked with for a few years now. Revealingly titled 'Get Your Makeup Did,' it's a chance for people to get a mini-makeover and a bunch of pictures for their portfolio, facebook, or the coveted position above the fireplace mantle. All this for the low price of $50*

We offer raw files and up to three edited photos for your use, all print size.

The next event is happening at Chez Moi (is that even vaguely French for 'my place?') on July 18th and we're already booked up with some lovely local burlesque ladies!

Here are a few samples of what we're up to:

Firstly, my boy-creature Mark Boyer and I, your wonderful hosts.

Yeah, this is pretty much what we're like all the time.

The photographer is my dear friend Ken Lam, who has been working with me since before I was a model. He's a doll, and quite good at what he does.

Take a look at a few examples of Selected Sass below! And don't worry boys, there's room for you too! Our last shoot featured a face painting, so stay tuned for some more pics from past events.

The ever-adorable Bibi Bourgeon (debuting her burlesque-bits soon at Strip Search!) and Kristen T., who's frikken cute, and works as a model/actress.

Here we have the gorgeous and talented Teresa from Lady Luck Productions, and Lily Lemonpie (one of Coco Framboise's bonbons and the runner up to Strip Search 2010!).

The session that just occurred featured burlesque dancer Kenickie Street, and the upcoming session in July will have tassel-twirling wonders Dolly Berlin, Venus De Lys, and Fan Tan Fanny of the Firecrackers!

We have more sessions coming up sometime in August and September! Stay tuned!


*$40 for repeat customers!

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