Thursday, January 13, 2011

Performers - Should You Work For Free?

As a performer and artist, one question I get faced with a lot is whether I should work for free. As a model, gogo dancer, burlesque dancer, and even managing 3BArtistry who does makeup and bodypaint. Photographers, graphic artists, musicians...everyone in the arts industry (and a good few people out of it) are faced with this question at one point or another.

This infographic, made by Jessica Hische, helps you along quite a bit.

(see it large, here).

Of course you should consider your experience level and factor that in, and occasionally the 'exposure' trade-off is a good one, but here's to raising the bar for the Arts, and us performers involved!

I think I'm going to post the occasional business article here, whether it's for branding, taxes (ew, I know), or advice for freelancers. 

*chart posted on Good Design

~ Red

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