Monday, February 7, 2011

Blogs I'm Reading - Lolita Charm

Victoria Suzanne lives in New York City and writes a colourful, cute, wonderfully informative blog on Lolita culture called Lolita Charm.

Now, I will admit to despising pink and veering much more towards the rocker side of fashion, if rocker means 'what I grab in the morning' with the occasional dose of pinup/burlesque that migrates into my every day clothing. Despite that, I still peruse this blog for the in-depth articles about a fascinating and aesthetically pleasing (Read: PRETTY!) fashion/culture typically out of Japan.

Most recently Victoria's written a detailed post on how to use Rakuten to shop from Yumetenbo...a Japanese store whose stock I've been pillaging with my eyeballs and limited understanding of kanji.

This is an extremely good guide, although my wallet will disagree.*

Check it out, check her out, and inject some frills into your daily life.

~ Red Herring

* and my boyfriend, who has maybe two feet of closet space and some drawers. Which, really, is fine for a
boy. Right? Right?

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